Awesome Refund and Exchange WooCommerce Plugins

Developing an online store needs a lot of steps. It is quite lengthy because there are factors that you need to acknowledge while setting up an online store. From the way your site looks to the payment option, refund policy, there a long list of things to take care of. Today, let us get to know about some ‘Awesome Refund and Exchange WooCommerce Plugins‘.

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Refund and Exchange WooCommerce plugins play an important role when it comes to the functionality of your website. Also, you need to maintain a customer relationship. And this is crucial in it.

1. Return Refund and Exchange For WooCommerce

refund and exchange plugins

Refund and Exchange are two very important features when it comes to online stores. And the most popular plugin that is used for this process is Return Refund and Exchange For WooCommerce. Some of the features are –

  • It helps you to craft a very simple refund management system with many organised features that are easy to incorporate.
  • Proper exchange, Wallet cancel features, managing complaints, managing call disputes, looking after the stocks and managing them are some important highlights.
  • If a customer wants, he/she can claim for a complete refund or partial refund depending upon the order and the details.
  • The entire conversation is handled via mail so that in the end, the customer is satisfied and the trust is maintained.
  • You can return an order after the delivery if you are unsatisfied. And also you can mention one/multiple reasons for the refund, return.
  • You get the opportunity to handle the tax on the refund products, manage stocks and so on.
  • Admin can add the shortcode for order_id in the emails to track down the customer from whom refund and exchange request is made.
  • Also, many features are available only after you get the paid and the premium version of this plugin.


refund and exchange plugins

Another popular name in the list of the plugins for the return and exchange process is YITH ADVANCED REFUND SYSTEM FOR WOOCOMMERCE. This plugin is very helpful as it makes the exchange procedure simple from both the sides, be it the customer or the seller.

The installation is quite usual as all other plugins. Just add new plugin and activate it to enjoy the functionality of this. Some wonderful features are-

  • You customers can claim for refund of a single or multiple products depending upon their order.
  • A date can be set so that the refunds can be provided. After that, no claims would be entertained.
  • When the request arrives for refund, you can set up the way to give the refund.
  • Provide the proper payment to the customers who requested for the same on time.
  • The provisions to check all the orders and also refill the ones required.
  • Offering coupons instead of refunds to the customers.
  • Manage and reject all refund requests with few clicks in a designated section
  • Customers can convey the messages on why they request for a refund and you can acknowledge them back
  • Notify buyers if a product can or cannot be returned and place-specific compensation rules for various single products
  • The automated email system to tell you and the customers about the refund’s situation.
  • Cooperative with WPML to allow refund services in multiple languages so that many native people can make use of it.

3. WooCommerce Smart Refunder

refund and exchange plugins

If you want an easy refund setup, you can use this plugin. The price for this strong plugin is paid annually, and the price is around $79.00. You also receive a full year of updates and support beside a one-month money-back guarantee. Let us check out some features.

  • There is a My Account section from where all users can perform the refund requests.
  • Automatic refund system is available for virtual/downloadable products.
  • You can process the refund request easily, manually, in the WooCommerce section.
  • Some products need a full refund, while some other needs partial. So the customer gets to choose what kind of refund is required.
  • Store credit points, coupons instead of the refund is also possible via this.
  • You can view comprehensive reports on orders and prices for the products and Plain, fast, effortless to use automatic refund system.

4. WooCommerce Order Return/ Refunds

The plugin suggests an adequate return management system for the customers and the sellers. With it, you can also enhance user experience and seamlessly manage the stream of returns. WooCommerce Order Returns is obtained at a very affordable rate of $59.99, including lifetime maintenance and lifetime updates adjacent to 45 days money-back guarantee.

  • All the customers have their own unique accounts using which they can make refund requests and submit the same to the sellers.
  • When a customer is requesting a refund, they get the opportunity to mention the reason for the same. They can write why do they need a refund.
  • All people may not require a coupon. So there is a provision to enable and disable this coupon in the refund section.
  • woocommerce refund mail settings can be enhanced and customised as per the demand.
  • Receive order notifications in your admin panel
  • Customers have the option to inquire full or partial payments for a product and of course, get their money back
  • Easily customized email templates for admin and users so that sending it is easy.
  • Orders with “requested refund” status appear at the backend admin area to help in understanding it easily.

These are some of the plugins that we think can do great justice to the statement of – Awesome Refund and Exchange WooCommerce Plugins. They all have their own specialities and benefits. Before choosing one, go through all the features. And also, ensure that the one that you choose is compatible with the pricing of each of the plugins.

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