8 Alternatives to Yoast SEO Plugin | SEO Plugins & Features

            Yoast SEO is a market-leading plugin for Search Engine Optimization that is present in almost all blogging websites. With 5+ million downloads, there is no doubt about the popularity of this feature-rich plugin. Yoast tops almost all recommendation lists of must-have plugins, a new blogger can feel slightly defensive about using it and wants […]

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10 WordPress Plugins with AI or ML

Today, almost all of the technological advancement is enhanced with Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. When it comes to WordPress, it is not different. There are different WordPress Plugins with AI or ML. But for all those who don’t have much knowledge about what exactly Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is then let us peek […]

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How to remove ‘not secure’ from a WordPress website?

Have you seen a message like- “Not secure” message on-site? Ever wondered how to remove that ‘not secure’ from your website? To know more about it, you need to know more about what is an SSL Certificate? The issue that causes this “not secure” problem is related to SSL certificates. If you don’t know what […]

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