10 Reasons why WordPress is Awesome

Since a long time, WordPress is in limelight! Ever wondered what made it last this long in this field? It has been spreading its roots all over the internet. What makes it this useful? WordPress is now a common name when it comes to blogging and website designing. With the increase in the number of websites, it has become quite important that for a small or a big business that they own a website of their own! The popularity of WordPress or the so-called “CMS- Content Management System” rose to power because of this wonderful feature that makes even people with no programming background or coding knowledge make websites easily without any hassle! There are many advantages of WordPress that is making it famous among users!

Here are a few important advantages of WordPress that makes it handy and popular among the netizens.

1. Ease of use

For any software to be popular and powerful, there are certain factors responsible. One of the major factors is the ease with which any user can use it. Users determine the lifeline of any software that they use. If it is easy to use and handy then they use it, suggest it to others too! WordPress is keeping its users happy with a very flexible user interface that provides them with a wide range of options to choose from to make their website or blog better and attractive. This is one of the advantages of WordPress.

2. Not a coder? Not a problem!

WordPress is not an exclusive place for the coders or programmers alone! Even if you don’t have much knowledge about scripts and tags, WordPress will be useful to create the website that you want to without any problem! The ease of choosing options in designing lets you create whatever you wish to without any prior knowledge!

3. Blogger’s Choice

If you are an aspirant blogger and want to design it well, then WordPress is your go to place! It provides you with ample options to use. Be it a food blogging or a fashion blogging, you will be getting with almost all kind of themes and support for your blog!

4. Best website builder

Building a website without any knowledge of HTML tags or CSS seemed impossible some years back! But now we have an easy and powerful tool to build a website quickly without much coding experience! Be it an e-commerce website, job board or any other custom sites, WordPress can help! For any dynamic website development, this can serve as its essence.

5. Open- Source Software

What makes WordPress a very common and favorite among its users is the very common fact that this is an open-source. Open-source codes are available to all without a penny of cost! This can be updated and improved frequently! It provides a freedom to its developers and non-developers! It is definitely an advantage when it comes to the frequent updates, stability and security!

6. Content Management System- CMS

Content Management System, in simple terms can be referred to as an application that helps to create, edit, manage websites. WordPress allows its users to have complete power over the files, documents and all other related contents that they wish to publish on their site without them knowing even one line of code. Due to this, people now no more rely on old HTML tags or static websites, rather they use WordPress to explore their creativity!

7. Plug-in for better results

Plugins are the extra piece of code that has a particular usage and they are added to the website to increase its functionality. There are many kinds of plugins available that make websites appealing and different from the normal. This is one of the importdant advantages of using WordPress. There are more that 50,000 free plugins available to add multiple features on the websites. Some of them are WPForms, MonsterInsights, Yoast SEO etc.

8. Easy Widgets on WP

Wondering what is a widget? A calendar widget or a map widget that lets you get information without actually opening the entire application is the best example of the widget. WordPress lets you add several kinds of widgets in your website that helps the users. Do not confuse this with the icons that you use! WordPress allows several built-in widgets, plugins come in with their own widgets. Astra, raffle-press widgets are some other examples out of many available!

9.Economical way of development

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are the two main options available to the users. The main difference between the two is all about who is hosting your website. It matters the most since with WordPress.com, the hosting is handled by WordPress itself while if you choose WordPress.org, then you need to host your website on your own. One is entirely free, where you don’t need to spend even a penny for hosting while on the other one, you need to pay but you can monetise your website. So both of the options have their own benefits depending upon the kind of user and their priorities.

10. Time and Energy

This helps to save your time and energy. It saves time by helping you to design an entire website with almost all the dynamic tools without much time wastage. You don’t need to learn to program or become a coder to create a website. This saves a lot of time. Then the other major factor is that this saves a lot of energy or effort that you need to make when it was all the old static pages with HTML and CSS. In this, you need to just drag and drop or search for some needed services. This saves your energy! You can make use of all the built-in facilities to make a decent website with good features.

These are some major advantages of using WordPress. It gives you an easy platform to blog or build a powerful website. This is flexible as per your need. The content management system is a bundle of useful tools that would make your website dynamic and amazing. The robust nature of this makes it one of the favourites of the users even though there are many rivals offering many of the similar features.

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