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            Yoast SEO is a market-leading plugin for Search Engine Optimization that is present in almost all blogging websites. With 5+ million downloads, there is no doubt about the popularity of this feature-rich plugin. Yoast tops almost all recommendation lists of must-have plugins, a new blogger can feel slightly defensive about using it and wants to check out some other plugins offering similar features. After all, staying different and unique is a quality that’s a real must-have for a blogger’s longevity. However, this is in no way a bashing of Yoast SEO. It is a great plugin for sure. But you can make use of other plugins as well. The intention is to have a fair playground and let people choose freely for themselves without peer pressure. So without further ado, let us check out some great alternatives to Yoast.

1. All in One SEO Pack

              First developed in 2007, the All in One SEO pack is older than Yoast, with more than 50 million downloads until now. It is very ideal for beginners as they won’t have to pay too much attention to set things up. It automatically updates the sitemap to search engines for every change made to your site.

The plugin gives more focus to features and less on analysis. If you have used Yoast before, then you might miss some of the page analysis features that are present in it. But it does help in optimizing titles and detecting duplicate content on your site. All in One SEO also has support for Google Analytics and the option to integrate SEO for eCommerce sites is a great feature. It also has a modular approach to handling features, and you can choose to turn off specific features to reduce the weight of the site, without affecting other functionalities. It is free to use with a premium version at $97 for a single site, offering tech support and additional options.

2. Rank Math

              Rank Math is a competent alternative for Yoast if you are feature hungry. It has the largest feature list in this list with 65+ features. It packs cool automation features with a user-friendly design. Despite all of this, Rank Math is a very lightweight plugin and is easy to set up.

The plugin offers focus keyword tips, permalink evaluation, content length monitor, LSI keyword tool integration, tracking SERP, overlay GIF or video icons for thumbnails, Google crawl error monitoring, contextual tooltips, XML sitemap generator, and so on. One other great feature is the option to optimize each post for focus keywords. Rank Math offers up to 5 keywords per post, whereas Yoast only supports one.

Rank Math also helps to carry out a complete audit of your website using advanced SEO tools to give out professional recommendations. The icing on the cake though is the option to import all SEO data from other plugins with a single click. And it is free. There is a pro version at $9 per year, offering additional support for the plugin.

3. SEOPress

              SEOPress is another Yoast alternative that boasts a strong feature list and easy interfacing. It easily handles the management of site metadata either globally or from each post. The free version offers features like social media descriptions, analysis for focus keywords XML sitemap, and so on. It also monitors 404 URLs. Every time a user hits a page that no longer exists on your site, the plugin stores that info for you.

If the page exists, then a counter is incremented for the page. This allows you to track user experience, traffic, and demand for each page/post and make informed decisions. The plugin also has support for Google Local Business. It is also highly modular and allows you to enable or disable features without any hiccup. The premium version offers further features set at $39/year for unlimited sites.

4. The SEO Framework

              The SEO Framework is an AI-driven plugin that analyses and automatically optimizes your website for search engines. You can choose to configure the settings manually. It is lightweight, reliable, and performance-friendly. The SEO Framework offers features like adjusting sitemap caching, automatic generation of SEO titles and descriptions, and global structured data along with breadcrumbs.

It also has color-coded guidelines to optimize your site. There are several extensions available, some free, and some along with the premium version. The premium options come at $7/ month for two sites, $17/month for 20 sites, and $27/ month for 200 sites, all paid yearly. With useful extensions and AI backing, SEO Framework is a good alternative for Yoast that suits experienced bloggers well.

5. Slim SEO

              Slim SEO is on this list because of one purpose that is evident from its name. If your needs are basic and don’t want a huge plugin that has features that you will probably not use, and will slow down your site, and cost you unnecessary money, you may want to look at Slim SEO. It is a completely free, lightweight plugin with an easy-to-use interface. The features are limited, but cover most basic functions and come preconfigured so that you don’t have to do too much. It offers XML sitemap, breadcrumb support, structured data, etc.

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6. Squirrly SEO

              Squirrly is another beginner-friendly SEO plugin in this list that comes with assisted SEO and auditing tools. It has a remarkable knowledge base and support forum to help you get your site moved up in search engines. Squirrly has features like keyword search assistant, SEO live assistant, metadata for customization options, and performance analytics, all of which are helpful to those who are beginners and don’t have much experience in using SEO. It offers three different premium plans with varied features like deep keyword research and advanced analytics options. The plans start at $20.99/month for 7 sites.


              BAVOKO is one of the most extensive SEO plugins out there. It comes with features like XML sitemaps, keyword optimization, and media titles straight out of the box. It also has a snippet view that lets you see how your post will look on social media. BAVOKO suits those with huge content on their site that requires heavy maintenance for good SEO performance.

The plugin is exceptional in SEO workflow with a bulk editor that allows you to edit posts and update SEO descriptions in bulk. The keyword monitoring feature offers the discovery of new keywords and keyword ranking for pages and posts. The free version, albeit good, doesn’t give the noteworthy features. The premium plan starts at $19.9/month for a single site. There are multiple plans available with a differing feature set and you can choose each feature set for a single, 3, or 10 site licenses.

8. Premium SEO Pack

              Premium SEO Pack stands out for its unique feature, mass optimization, which is available in all versions of the plugin. The feature lets you detect and optimize focus keywords, meta titles, and descriptions for all your pages simultaneously. The pro version allows up to 25 focus keywords. It also comes with XML sitemaps and on-page optimizations and other features like competitive analysis, SERP tracking, page speed analysis, profile tracking, etc. The premium version also includes advanced settings like W3C validator, SEO Insert Code, and Minfy JS/CSS. The free version, Lite, comes without tech support and future updates. Premium versions start with a regular license at $44 for a single site per year.


As with any plugin, the choice depends on your specific need. If you want an alternative to Yoast, which is feature-rich, yet free, Rank Math is a good option. If you don’t want too many features and want something lightweight, Slim SEO or SEO Framework are good options. SEOPress offers trade-offs from both sides, with more features than the lightweight options and less lightweight than the feature-heavy ones.

You can choose others with specific features that interest you, like Squirrly for its beginner friendliness, or Premium SEO for mass optimization, or BAVOKO for its snippet view. Or you may still want to go with Yoast itself. The choice is yours to choose one of these alternatives to Yoast.

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