Top 12 Awesome Plugins to plug on WordPress [2021]

WordPress is a wonderful platform. Be it an attractive website or an engaging blog, WordPress can make your simple work look like an art! Just like a painting, which comprises of various colour blends made from various kinds of brush, WordPress is similar too! Developers get many easy and effective components like plugins that can make the work look unexceptionally marvellous!

Just like the themes, plugins can be of great help too. Plugins can be of two types, free and paid. Depending upon the kind you want you can download them. For those who don’t have much idea about what a plugin is, a plugin is an independent piece of code that is capable of doing a particular task. So if we want that particular task to be done, we are supposed to download a plugin. The simplest form of help.

Now, one can imagine how hard it will be choosing a plugin out of the thousands of the plugins that are available in WordPress. So, let’s see some important plugins that might find some use in your website!

1. WPForms

Source- WPForms

WPForms is one of the most widely used plugins is WPForm. If you want an easy way to design a form for your site, then this plugin is your friend in need. It is a simple yet effective tool for the designing and publishing of forms. The mobile responsive nature makes this a total success within the users. There is a free version as well as a Pro paid version with more features! It is one of the clean, fast and extensible plugins.


  • This plugin does not demand any sort of coding knowledge. If you know to simply drag and drop, then you can create forms as that you prefer to! The best yet the simplest of all.
  • Want an easy way of email marketing? Say hello to the email subscription forms that you can design in no time!
  • Geo-location feature lets you know more about the location of the users and helps you to know about your workflow by viewing the leads.
  • You are free to use any kind of CAPTCHA for the security in this. This also lets you divide the forms if it is too long into multiple forms.
  • The payment option is easier with PayPal or stripe add-ons, and provides with instant notifications and easy file upload feature!

2. Rafflepress

Source- RafflePress

Rafflepress is one of the most popular plugins. The reason is the easy social interaction that this plugin is able to get in for the site or blog! This plugin is a very sharp tool to create traffic on the page with its wonderful giveaway feature. For the era that speaks in social media terminology, this plugin is the backbone of any good site!


  • Giveaways are the most enjoyed and adored things by people these days. So this plugin makes use of that to make the page engaging and popular. It starts with collecting the Email-IDs of the visitors.
  • The Email-list grows by this. This also encourages the visitors to earn points by making others to visit the site or by sharing it on social media, increasing the chance of engagement!
  • The drag and drop page builder makes it easy to set this up. The mobile responsive nature works equally on all the devices. Pre-built in templates can help you grow faster.
  • Refer a friend technique works like a magic where the visitor can refer a friend thus making the marketing like some chain reaction with the virtual sharing scheme!
  • It comes with fraud protection to keep the contest of giveaway fair and clean. also, the social integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc make this a hit!

3. WP Rocket

Source- WPRocket

WP Rocket is the most popular cache plugin. Wondering what a cache plugin is? It ensures that the page gets loaded fast without any delay. This increases the rating of the page. This gets launched upon activation. There is no need for the developer to have any technical knowledge for this.


  • This plugin helps to fasten the loading time and hence works for the betterment of the search engine optimisation. It helps to minimise the JavaScript, HTML and other codes. Thus, the page becomes lighter and loads quickly.
  • Just like Facebook, Yahoo and Youtube, images get loaded as the user scrolls down the page. This is an image on request technique.
  • The plugin is free and paid in nature. This is a developer-friendly plugin that helps the developers to make customisation easily with easier configurations.
  • It provides multi-lingual support and is mobile friendly in nature. This is responsive that makes it available in almost all kind of devices.
  • This plugin supports many 3rd party plugins, themes and their environment. It also supports many web fonts.

4. Yoast SEO

Source- YoastSEO

Yoast SEO is a popular plugin on WordPress. It can be said as one of the finest SEO tools provided by WP. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This helps the site that you are creating to get high standards and readability. As almost all plugins, this is also available in a free version and paid version. The difference lies in the focus key phrase. In the free version, you can have only one focus key phrase or keyword. In premium, you can have more than one!


  • If you are new with the writing content, then this plugin can help you structure your paragraphs. The whole content can be properly divided into sensible paragraph styles that would make the user read it properly.
  • This plugin lets you improve the content in all possible ways. This helps you with internal linking and external linking. It also shows the overall score that your content gets with the ease in readability in whole.
  • It also helps with the readability of the content. Mostly while writing, the writers forget about the voice in which they write. Active voice is preferred over passive voice. This helps in that.
  • It has an excellent marking factor so that with enabling that feature, you get to know where you have to correct and which sentence needs a repair!
  • It helps to highlight the focus keyphrase, the key density and the subheadings which enables readability.

5. Woo Commerce

Source- WooCommerce

Woo Commerce is a specialized plugin that helps you to convert your normal website into a shop! Yes, you heard it right. You can add carts, checkouts and many more to your lifeless sites. This plugin is a real saviour when you wish to start an online business. There are many features of this plugin like unrestricted customisation, embedded product, built-in blogging, reviews, ratings of the products, attributes used to find products etc. This is well explained in the below-mentioned link. Try exploring more about it!

To know more – What is Woo Commerce?

6. MonsterInsights

Source- Monster Insights

MonsterInsights plugin is one of the best Google Analytics plugin. Just creating a website is not enough! You need to know how well is it performing! Only then, you can make improvements to the page so that it gets better reach among the viewers. This plugin is very easy to install and use. Just a few clicks and alas! you get to see how well or unwell is your site performing.


  • The plugin helps you know about the visitors who have visited your profile. It includes details like age groups, gender, country, new or revisitors etc. This provides a visual aid that helps to know about the page and its interactions.
Source- Monster Insights
  • This helps you to know how to recoil your site so that it gets a better response. It makes you understand what is working and what is not. The update you made, the latest post you edited or added etc. is helping you reach out or not! All questions get answered.
  • If you know what your viewers are looking for then won’t you get an extra hand over making your page better? Of course yeah! MonsterInsight helps you with that insights! This is simply an amazing way to understand the beat of your page or site!
  • Publishers or bloggers, E-commerce, Developers or be it a business website, all get equally benefitted with this as they are shown all the analytical results properly.
  • It provides analytical tracking like universal tracking, e-commerce tracking, internal link tracking, etc. It also provides a detailed customer report along with a very strong social integration.

7. Smush

Source- Smush

Smush is a popular plugin to optimise the images on the website. Thus, by doing as such, the loading time of the page will be reduced. What prevents us from optimising an image? The answer is our reluctance to compromise with the quality of the image. But what if Smush optimises the image without affecting a bit on the quality of the image? This super cool plugin makes the page load faster!


  • The Smush plugin is very popular not just because it can optimise but due to the flexibility of this plugin to integrate with almost all popular theme, page builders and other plugins.
  • It lets you handle multiple images at a time. The bulk of images can be compressed within just a click. This can be done to almost all the images over the network of the site!
  • You can adjust the size of the image as that you want by giving the scaling details. You can even find out if there are images of uneven size among the bulk of images all along with the directory.
  • There is no limit to compress the images on a monthly or annual basis. Almost all kind of files can be compressed. Be it JPEG, PNG, JPG or other formats, all can be compressed.
  • Make way for Lazy Loading! This means that it retrieves the data required for a particular moment. This increases the speed of the page.

8. UpdraftPlus

Source- UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is the plugin known for its property of site restoration and backup purposes. This plugin is used world wide by millions of users so that they can backup their website. This is simple to install and has two versions- unpaid and paid! The plugin aims to help you copy, clone or backup as that you wish to with a few clicks.


  • Do you know that this specific plugin has one of the highest ratings with its exceptional position in the top 30 WordPress plugin lists among the thousands of other plugins for the backup help that it provides?
  • You should backup your website because you never know when the server might crash or a plugin might create trouble leading to your website and all of your efforts drowning! So with updraft plus, you can backup your work on the cloud directly to Dropbox, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or compatible), Rackspace Cloud, FTP, and email. 
  • This plugin responsibly backups either manually or on a scheduled basis. Just like normal backups, we can give a time when the backup should start. It restores more effectively than the other backup plugins available making it favourite among the developers.
  • Being one of the most tested plugins, this helps to easily migrate your website with the help of updraftMigrator. Also, cloning can be done on a click! For this, let updraftClone help you.
  • If you want to backup multiple websites then this provides a solution for that too. Just use the updraftCentral for that and see how fast it does the backup for more sites easily.

9. Redirection

Source- Redirection

Redirection plugins help you with the whole process of redirecting your site without any hassle! Have you seen 404 error messages while browsing a website? Isn’t it unappealing and disappointing? Would you like that to make your viewers see that? No! right? Then use this easy and effective plugin to 301 redirections or any loose threads on your site!


  • This 10-year-old plugin of WordPress helps you to redirect to any URL if you use permalinks, without any sort of technical knowledge of Apache or Nginx facts!
  • Redirection on the basis of a condition is also an option available! Redirect if you log in or log out. Redirect based of HTTP address or a cookie condition. Also, based on the IP address, this is possible!
  • It keeps an account of all the 404 errors that occurred on your page and due to that, you get a chance to focus on the risk zone of your website out of the details that you get.
  • The plugin provides a very huge export and import system. You can also import things from plugins like Simple 301 Redirects, SEO Redirection, Safe Redirect Manager, Rank Math.

10. MemberPress

Source- MemberPress

MemberPress plugin is the ultimate supporter if you plan to sell the membership on your website. This lets you grow communities so that your page is super active! This is designed for the beginners so this is super easy to use! This plugin, in short, helps you to charge from the users who wish to see your content! This is one of the many available that is premium in nature.


  • If you want to make money out of your content, then you need this plugin as a mandatory one! This shall help you create and manage contents to the subscribed members.
  • MemberPress is not a free plugin. Since you use this to make money, you need to pay to get this first! It comes in three tiers with ‘BASIC’ being the lowest tier. All three give you a yearly license.
  • This helps you to set up specific access controls on the contents you own. Based upon the kind of subscriptions that users have taken and paid, they get access to the product. The easy setup makes it usable by almost all equally!
  • This has a very simple payment gateway integration since this is all about money. Money making should be easy and non-messy! Hence, you get a very reliable and simple payment gateway interface.
  • It is simply extensible with almost all kind of feature that a developer wants this to collaborate with! Also, this is very safe and secure in nature due to the monetary things involved. The reports give you an idea about how much income you are generating and which product is selling the best!

11. AntiSpam Bee

Source- Antispam Bee

AntiSpam Bee is here to sting all the spammers who try to comment of your WordPress blog or site. This plugin blocks all kind of spams that it comes across freely! Spam comments can literally ruin your page’s growth and create unnecessary trouble with the ambience of your page! This plugin is to help you to save time. Or else, you will have to read the comments one by one on your own and delete them!


  • It lets you approve comments and block them from certain countries or people. You decide how do you want to filter the comments. It can also validate the IP addresses of the people who comment.
  • This lets you approve the commentators if their comments are fine and good. You also get an option that lets the trustworthy commentators post comments without any filters.
  • Gravatar option is similar to that of the previous one but this allows the comments from the user of a particular gravatar image. It remembers the gravatar of the trustworthy commentator.
  • There are advanced settings available in this. They include getting mails if a spam content is spotted, limit the number of comments on the page, deleting spam after a span of time, not deleting the spam etc. It can also help with statistical analysis.
  • It also provides a report. The report shall show the details of all the comments received that includes the spams and non-spams. You will get an idea about how the page is being received among the people.

12. WordFence

Source- Wordfence

WordFence plugin is one of the most reliable plugin that helps to keep your site safe. It comes with many features like Firewall protection, malware scan, blocking, login security, live traffic monitoring, and it also lets you monitor the traffic over the site. This super safety plugin comes with the Two-factor authentication. So, this is pretty good with what it does!


  • This plugin is one of the most trusted for the safety of the website. It is well equipped with all the latest kind of information about the unhealthy IP addresses that it needs to fight along with malware and some latest rules if firewall.
  • It does scanning of the contents so that there no malware or harmful code entering the area. This helps to find faults with our own sites too. It suggests fixing the code if needed.
  • WordFence Central is called when a site is tried for multiple login attempts. This is free to use and lets the alert reach the developer via SMS, mail or some other means.
  • The free version is good to use but to get more secure features, you can opt for the premium version of this.
  • This is very easy to design. There are many templates available that lets you design this in a very easy-breezy manner. It sends alerts while there are any preaches found. It doesn’t compromise the password by the admin during the login.

These are just a few plugins that can help you. You don’t need to use all of these at a time. But try to understand the importance of each one and their features so that you can make use of them when having a particular need! There are thousands of plugins available to choose from.

The above-mentioned plugins are just some from the sea that is available out there. So it is better to stick on to your need and want before selecting a particular plugin! The themes, plugins and other features of WordPress are to make your content appealing and better with the viewers.

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